Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hair Story

In high school, a classmate described my hair as "parang alambre". Well, there is some truth to that. My hair is black and coarse and the strands are so thick and curly. Some hair stylists then called it "isponghado", mainly because it is "makapal". The ugly truth is, as early as during my early adolescence, I have a very unruly, unmanageable hair. Now that my hair has turned gray, it still is very, very rebellious. Through the years, I have wanted to be consistent with my hair style. But it was not meant to be. Thanks to my undisciplined hair. Take a look-

 The long again-short again cycle has been a constant in my hair story. I wish I were really more consistent. I like longer hair better but sometimes, when I enjoy sporting long hair, something comes up and makes me decide to cut my hair short. Now, now, am I not the one who is unmanageable?

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