Monday, September 14, 2009

If The Shoe Fits

I am overjoyed. i just received a wonderful birthday gift from my niece and inaanak, Rina. the gift makes me smile whenever i look at it. the smile later turns to giggle as i wonder how in the world am i going to walk with it? it is pretty, classic in style (animal prints never go out of style) and fabulously expensive, i suppose. but the most surprising thing about it is that i will enjoy looking at it for hours on end, but will never be able to walk in it for even five minutes. hindi kaya ng powers ko. i am no sarah jessica parker though i'm a fan of her blaniks and jim choos.

I love beautiful things, but i don't lust about them. I don't have branded shoes primarily because i can't afford them. I always rationalize that the cheaper ones at SM, Manel's, Rusty Lopez and 168 Mall are prettier than most LV shoes that cost enough money to feed a hundred families in a month. Besides, buying cheaper shoes (and bags, too) will keep one abreast with the ever changing styles. (chances are, they are torn by the time a new design is introduced).

The new pair given me inspired me to take a second look at what i have. Most of them are still in their boxes cause there aren't many occasions when i can wear them. My Sunday's best comprise mainly of denim pants, a loose top and a slip-on, so my shoes are seldom used. I have a 'ninang' shoes which i wear when i am invited as a wedding sponsor- a beige strappy pair with rhinestones. I love shoes with borloloys. ( my dogs love them too. In fact, Bitoy had a grand time destroying my black and pink embelished slip-on). There's something about borloloys and bling-blings in shoes that attract me, so when my daughter Timmy sent me an mms of a black and silver number while she was window-shopping for me, i said yes at once. i so, so love the pink and mauve pair given to me by Timmy, but just like the new pair from Rina, hindi kaya ng powers ko to wear it for hours. When i wear it to church, there is always a pair of flats in the car, just in case, and i have to be sure we will be seated, so i urge my husband to go to church earlier than usual.

I find strappy shoes smart since i was in college. at syvel's, where stylesetters go in the '70s, the most stylish shoes are always the strappy ones. I realize i haven't given up on the 70's style, judging from the number of strappy sandals i bought and wore when i was still employed. A few months ago, i found a pair of strappy black shoes at SM with heels i can strut about. So i bought it. I wore it in a procession for St. Anthony on June 11 this year, walking for more than two hours around my barangay and surprisingly, despite the two and a half inch heels, i arrived home safely that night, with neither a bruised heel nor a broken bone.

For a time, i was into reds. I found a red beribboned slip on at Otto about two years ago. I had a thousand pesos in my wallet alloted for some grocery items. I went home with a box containing the said pair and no grocery item on hand. I was so ashamed of myself then. There is this old pair of red flats that i used to wear with denims and white shirt. It is so old but i can't get rid of it cause it's so comfy.

Lately, i've been wearing flats since they are really very cool and comfy. Tim has given me several pairs of flat slip-ons. in her last visit to Singapore, she bought me 3 pairs- a charles & keith, a vincci and an ipanema.

Through the years, i have given away a lot of my shoes to friends and relatives. some were borrowed but were never returned. Guess the borrower and i have the same penchant for borloloys. As i write this, i realize i have more than ten pairs of footwear. Not imeldific at all and very few by normal standards, but it got me thinking, am i committing a sin? OMG, i have only two feet!

By the way, i need to add a black pump, another black patent and a pair of sling backs. no gladiators for me. I'm no roman goddess.

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  1. thanks for featuring the shoe. for some reason, you were top ofmy mind when i got the pair. hope you can find the occassion and comfort to wear them ;-)