Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Simple Life

For months now, Ding has been spending so much time ( and money) in our small "bakuran sa bukid". I don't know what's really in his mind but I can feel that he is slowly building himself ( and possibly, mine too) a retirement home. Most afternoons, when all my household duties are done, i would also go to check on the place. Just recently, I bought some plants in Calumpit and had them planted in their designated places. A row of San Francisco ( the toothpick variety) alternately with the red leaf gumamelas were planted along the driveway. Near the fishpond were planted rows of mayana and arabian pine. Slowly, the retirement home is taking shape. I am happy that Ding is happy with what he is doing. However, if it were my call, I probably would just stay put in my bed with a good read, or sit in front of the pc and surf the net.

On a daily basis, he would take his breakfast at 7am. By then, I would have already cooked the ulam for our tanghalian. He would bring some for himself and the carpenter and they would be boiling rice in a kalan. If there is no prepared ulam, he is content with whatever canned goods he can take from our pantry. Or he would just buy itlog na maalat, chicharon and kamatis. Lawyering seems to be just a poor second in his priorities.

It all began when our lease contract on a bodega near our house ended. He didn't want to sell the weapon carrier he rebuilt. ( We went to HK Disneyland to see one in the theme park.) So he built our own bodega in a corner of the lot. Then, when his parents' house was demolished to make way for a new house for my sister-in-law's family, he took all the usable materials and rebuilt the house. It was very small compared to the old demolished one, but it became a depository of many important things we had- a palo china living room set we bought in 1983, an old. old typewriter, old wrought iron chairs, his parents' earliest wooden dining table, and many more. Perhaps later, when someone we can trust can stay there permanently ( or us), we can bring there the antique items that he inherited from his father.

A toilet cum bath room has been built near the bodega. A little more time and it can give comfort and relief to whoever comes to visit. There is an artesian well from which water can be sourced, anyway. And there is an old labangan where water is stored.

On the opposite side is an old bahay kubo that he had to repair. He built a banggera where there are bamboo drinking glass holders ( of yore). A friend gave him an old, old tapayan which is still very useful. He had a bamboo papag made. There is a kakalanan where I could possibly cook sometime.

The pond is teeming with tilapia which can be harvested by February this year. It would be fun to harvest them with friends around. Tilapia from the pond straight to the ihawan. Ummmmm, smells good!

When I look at my husband's face whenever we are there, I can see joy rising within him. He loves the simple life. I do, too, but I need some perks, too.

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