Saturday, June 6, 2009

ded na si lolo

i just watched ded na si lolo with tim, nad, edith, igo, cj and pao. i have long wanted to bring them to the movies with a little snack afterwards. this afternoon, i finally was able to do what has been planned long ago. the short outing was such an enjoyable experience mainly because of the movie itself. it was enlightening and relaxing at the same time. how a week-long lamay was made into a very good movie with very good actors in a very familiar plot deserves the accolade of the movie going public.

i think i should do this more often, i mean going out with family (kids, in-laws, nieces and nephews), and patronizing the works of the country's fine, but underrated, actors. to cap the day, we all had another laugh at the movie's wackiest scenes over burger, soda and french fries. now, that's what i call shallow joy ( as in mababaw na kaligayahan)!

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