Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my dogidogs- (4) bitoy

in mid-2008, we were in grief due to a very difficult trial that befell our family. that very sad episode in our life does not deserve a post in this blog. many people not worth mentioning are involved, hence. it is best to just pray that the sad memories will soon be forgotten. As someone said wisely, "Like wild violets, some memories are better oft left untouched." However, in the midst of the said trial came a very beautiful, loveable creature- a small, long, wiry haired dachshund we called Bitoy.

Of all our dogs, only Bitoy came with a price. By normal standards, he was cheap- only Php3,000.00. But when I first saw him, I thought, how could my children have parted with their 3thou in exchange of this very little creature that doesn't know how to bark? And his hair- yuck! Little did I know that this little doggie would bring gigantic joy in our life. Bitoy, like Kotong is very makiya. I was so impatient waiting for him to grow up. Today, a year later, he is still very small. But he is so huggable and cuddly.

Bitoy is so afraid of Kotong, but he is best friends with Chuchay. While i'm busy in the kitchen, I would hear the two of them playing like children. Perhaps that's the greatest joy I derive from having them around- in the absence of my children, when I have no one with me at home, Chu, Bitoy, Kotong and Gaki and the two other dogs that i will introduce later, keep me company. And I feel safe and secure having them around.

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