Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my dogidogs- ( 1) bugaki

i will start this series with the oldest of my six dogs- bugaki.

i never liked dogs before. my children were the ones who taught me to love and to take care of them. when we first set up home in agnaya in 1997, we figured we needed at least two dogs because we all leave the house on week-days. so we bought two three-month old aspins ( asong pinoy) at the malolos public market one sunday. one we named puti ( a very kind and obedient dog. she died in 2006), the other we called mocha, but he died soon after we brought him home. puti bore many puppies- one of them is bugak. she was so much like a very precocious child who did nothing but follow me around. because of that she earned the name bugak. she has so many nicknames like me. depending on the circumstances, she is called bugaki, gaki, bugingging, buging, etc, etc. in her prime, gaki was so strong and yet so gentle with us, specially my children. she gave us no headaches. she loves to eat as much as she loves to bathe. unfortunately for her, she became blind several years ago. she is 11 human years old now, but i don't know how to ler her go when her time is up.
in the picture above, the white dog with a black patch is puti. the brown one in a very scandalous pose is bugaki.

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