Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my dogidogs- (2) kotong

his given name is cotton. he came into our family one day after we buried puti. he was a cross between an aspin and a japanese spitz. cotton was really like a lump of white, soft cotton when he was still small. at first, there was no difficulty giving him a bath. but later, when he grew bigger, giving him a bath became an agony for us. his white, cottony hair has become dirty white, hence, we baptized him with a new name- kotong.

kotong is a difficult dog to handle. he was the perfect guard dog, though. no one can enter our gate without him barking to his heart's content. that's why when we have visitors, we lock him up in one of the rooms ( my kids wont hear of a dog house. they have to be with us all day. at night, though, gaki and kotong stand guard outside on the porch). despite his being difficult, kotong is very "makiya" a term for someone who always wants to be near someone else. since i am home most of the time, kotong was so "makiya" with me. he obeys me especially when i get angry with him. that is why despite his dirty white hair today, i still find ways to caress him on the head so he'll know he is loved.

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