Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my dogidogs- (3) chuchay

Among God's many gifts to my family, Chuchay is one of the best. My dogness, she thinks she is human. Because of the joy that she gives to each one of us, i once told her, " Wag kang mamamatay. Pag namatay ka, papatayin kita!" He he he!

Chuchay was a gift from Ding's best friend, Boots. She was actually a "pinagpilian" among the puppies born in September, 2007 to a dachshund mom and a mestisong dachshund dad. She is a 97% dachshund, according to Ding's computation. I really did not bother asking how he arrived at such conclusion. We got her from Boots' house right after I had a check-up in the hospital in November, 2007. I am convinced that I got well because of Chuchay. We named her after Gladys Guevarra's character in Eat Bulaga. It fits her so well since she is as lively and lovable as Gladys' Chuchay. In the beginning, her ears are so much bigger than her face. But now she is as normal as any dachshund is except that she has grown so big (15 kgs to date) it is nearly impossible for her to get pregnant.

At night, Chuchay and the other dachshund, Bitoy, stays in either Tim's or Nad's room. But when either of them sense that we are awake, they force their way into our room. At first, they sleep on the floor. Before dawn, they are either on Ding's side or on my side of the bed or in between us. Di ba sabi ko nga, she thinks she's human?

I don't know what it is with Chuchay, but just the sight of her gives me overflowing joy. Hindi kaya ako dachshund in my previous life?

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